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Avoid garage door double tracks or substandard quick-turn type

low overhead products

Our Low Headroom garage door brackets can be installed in as little as 10 minutes.

What is Low Headroom?

Headroom is the space above the garage door frame's uppermost part - the "Header".

It is measured between the Header's highest point, and the lowest obstruction inside the garage itself, which usually includes lighting, support beams or joists, heating ducts for instance.

Headroom must be large enough to allow the proper operation of the panel door.

When it is less than 12" or so it is considered "Low Overhead" and requires special installation products for smooth door operation, or use of an automatic opener.

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DIY Homeowners can now access the same Professional Grade Low Overhead Products Industry Leaders carry

Our Guarantee

LOW OVERHEAD HINGES are 100% Guaranteed to work efficiently in a minimum overhead space of 6 inches; with many customers reporting flawless operation in even smaller space!

However, if for any reason you have issues with the performance of Low Overhead Hinges, you can return them for a full refund.

If you are unsatisfied, so are we.... We'll even cover the return shipping cost!

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To anywhere in North America & beyond.


If you ever have to return LOW OVERHEAD HINGES we'll make it real easy.


No maintenance & LOW OVERHEAD HINGES

never wear out.


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The perfect solution to significantly reduce the cost of getting malfunctioning

double track installations working again.

Inexpensive - Easy to install - No maintenance

No need to remove any existing double tracks

LOH OVERHEAD HINGES simply bolt on and operate in the lower rail.

Your back in business!

LOH Hinge

Space Saving Design.

LOW OVERHEAD HINGES function similarly to standard hinges, but utilize unique design features that allow the top panel smooth operation in a double track setup.

Durable construction.

LOW OVERHEAD HINGES are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and providing excellent value for your home investment.

Easy installation process.

LOW OVERHEAD HINGES come with easy-to-follow instructions, making it a hassle-free process to replace your existing hinges with something that gets your garage door back in operation

What our customers have to say

I ran across these on the web while looking for replacements for a broken down double track setup in my double door garage. The system worked well for a few years then nothing but trouble. Local installers wanted to just replace the old system with the same type but new. No way. These hinges and the homeowner kit works perfect. You should advertise more ‘cause they sure work and will sell lots!


Peach Tree Corners GA

Wow…these hinges work nicely. Easy to install, and made heavy duty. No maintenance so I don’t need to mess with them. I showed my neighbor who is complaining about his double track system and he’s going to order some right away. Maybe I should put in for a commission…!


Sacramento CA

Finally something that just plain works without a huge cost involved. We were going to buy an electronic home security package for our house but dropped that after seeing how the Low Overhead products lock the garage door tight in their video. Real interesting product line. We don’t even have a low overhead problem – I bought them for the extra garage door security they provide. My wife is real happy about this.


Midland MI

My wife ordered the DIY homeowner kit from Low OverheadHinges.com and my son installed everything easily. These parts are far heavier metal than the parts on my door presently. They are guaranteed in 6 inches of overhead - and we had a little less - but they work beautifully so my thanks to you for making such a good product.


Coconut Grove FL

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